Data protection and privacy has become a very crucial topic both for domestic and international companies Especially for those businesses which are being operated in several territories, data collection, processing, cross border data transfers and centralized databases exposes several legal and regulatory challenges. BTS & Partners advises its clients on a wide range of issues which includes the collection, processing, disclosure and cross-border transfer of data, . BTS & Partners holds extensive knowledge of current and draft (prospective) rules and laws as well as practice of data protection in Turkey and the current and draft data protection rules imposed in the European Union (EU) territories, EU third country policies and EU standard contractual clauses as well as intra-group data transfer and sharing agreements. In virtue of those, BTS & Partners assists clients for drawing-up, adjusting and implementing website privacy policies and corporate data protection & privacy policies and practices; provides compliance analysis and legal support for digital archiving, risk management and forensic computing investigations.