One of the key expertise areas of BTS & Partners remains to provide to its clients strategic and legal decision-making support services by assessing and analyzing their existing, potential and contingent risks spreading into commercial, operational and legislative arenas. BTS & Partners’ ICT market legal risk analysis practices include systematic monitoring of the global developments in information - communication technologies and intellectual property rights matters specifically on the European Union level which shall affect Turkey’s regulation and policy design. The initiatives and changes realized in the local scale are also systematically monitored and analyzed. BTS & Partners plays an active role in regulation and policy designing activities on information technology and telecommunications law and intellectual property areas which are rapidly growing in Turkey. Active contribution is also provided for the development of such regulation and policy designing activities in accordance with the needs of Turkey in the edge of Turkey’s accession to European Union. It is the knowledge and network, which come as a result of academic, professional and voluntary based activities of the members of the BTS & Partners’, that enable the provision of such services. While rending those services, BTS & Partners efficiently uses tools and instruments such as periodical informative reports, evaluative reports, field surveys, presentations and legal opinions.